Patient Handouts and Videos

I believe that if you have a spine you should have a chiropractor. I also believe that there are things you can do at home to help your adjustments hold longer. You should want to go to the chiropractor, not need to.

Please see the videos and handouts below.

Hip Flexor Release with Therapy Ball Video
Hip flexor tightness adds to core dysfunction. The iliopsoas is a hard muscle to release. Releasing them with a therapy ball is my favourite.

Abdominal Release with Therapy Ball Video
Global shear is a technique described in the ‘Treat While You Train’ program. I love its intent and find this is a great abdominal release using a soft and squishy therapy ball. Use a pilates, bender or coregeous ball.

Upper Body Dynamic Stretching Video
Our core is designed to be stable while our limbs should be light, supple, freely moveable. How many of us actually move that way? Give this video a try. And check out spinal stability doc to ensure you maintain pelvic neutral throughout the movement.

Lower Body Dynamic Stretching Video
Just like our shoulders in the upper body dynamic stretching video, let’s loosen up our hips and regain core function.

Breathing Exercises
Crocodile Breathing
Dynamic Warm-up
Glute Release with Therapy Ball
Happy Baby Breathing & Child’s Pose Breathing
McKenzie Disc Rehab
Pregnancy Home Plan Handouts
Rolling RePatterning
Scalene Supraspinatus Release with Therapy Ball
Side-lying Rotation
Spinal Stability
Sun Salutation
Thoracic Spine Release and Extension

Functional Movement Screen Corrections

Below are the specific exercises that will improve your movement screen score. All corrections include a mobility, stability and strengthening component. The mobility and stability pieces are found in the above links. Here is where you will find the strength.

Mountain Climbers
Dead Bug Resisted
Bridge Resisted
Single Leg Bridge
Inch Worm Push Up


Make Your Own Workout
Foam Roller Workout
20 Minute Workout
Medicine Ball Workout

Lifestyle Tools

Easy Exercise Ideas
Think Well
Nutritional Tools (Bikini Boot Camp)

Prenatal Tools

Belly Mapping