Success Stories

Our family wouldn’t be the same without the detailed, compassionate chiropractic care that Dr. Lindsay has provided us. She truly cares about you as a patient and goes above and beyond what one would expect. My children count down the days to go see ‘their Dr. Lindsay’!

-Julie (mom of 2)

Dr. Lindsay is the best! I started seeing her during my second pregnancy and she helped me overcome back pain. If there’s ever a time that you need chiropractic care it’s during your pregnancy! Dr. Lindsay is very knowledgeable, friendly and her treatments are effective and safe! My labor and delivery went so much better the second time. I highly recommend her. I also love going to Healthy Families. Great location with free parking, it’s modern, clean and the support staff are all friendly and helpful.

-Christine (mom of 2)

I was referred to Dr. Lindsay after having a c section in order to help get my core strength back post pregnancy, but also to get some specific help with post c-section issues. I have been a regular chiropractor patient for years but loved that Dr. Lindsay was focused on post-partum care. She was so thorough in my initial examination and came up with a great care and exercise plan to ensure I was quickly back doing the activities that I love.

I loved having exercises to work on at home between visits and Dr. Lindsay was great at tailoring the exercises as I got stronger. Thanks to Dr. Lindsay’s help I recovered very quickly from my c section and likely have a stronger core now than I did before baby! Dr. Lindsay’s compassion and empathy after having undergone a traumatic birth experience was a welcome change in a health care practitioner.

-Jill (mom of 4)

I completely trust Dr. Lindsay with my 2 young boys. She is appropriately affectionate and handles new born babies wonderfully. With my 2 year old she gets down on the ground and follows him as she feels around and corrects his little body.

-Maya (mom of 2)

I started with Dr. Lindsay when I was 5 months pregnant with my first child. I am so thankful I found such a devoted therapist with the specialty in motherly needs.

-Jessica (mom of 3)

I have been taking my son to Dr. Lindsay since he was about 2 months old. He didn’t have any specific issues, but after an attempted forceps deliver and an emergency c section I wanted to ensure everything was properly lined up. Dr. Lindsay is very patient and gentle and has a natural way with kids! The staff at the clinic are great and are always willing to hold or play with my son while I’m getting an adjustment which is a nice treat for me.

The office is set up well for kids and there are lots of toys and books to keep the little ones occupied. My appointments have always been right on time which is another bonus when a baby is involved!

-Shelly (mom of 1, expecting #2)

My kids love Dr. Lindsay. My son wants to be a chiropractor and plays Dr. Lindsay with us all the time making us lie on the floor while he checks us to make sure we are healthy. I love knowing that their adjustments allow their bodies to heal and for them to grow up as healthy as possible.

-Sarah (mom of 2, expecting #3)

Dr. Lindsay helped so much during my pregnancy with little aches and pains but also made such a difference in my birth experience. My first birth with no chiropractic I laboured for 35 hours and my son’s shoulders got stuck. My second birth after seeing Dr. Lindsay regularly my labour was 5 hours and no shoulder dysplasia. I absolutely believe Dr. Lindsay made all the difference.

-Alex (mom of 2)

I went to Dr. Lindsay with hip pain and later with an injury to my right side. She was amazing at helping me. Appointments were easy to book and she was always on time. She is efficient without making you feel rushed. I have already recommended several friends to her. She has a good energy and I really felt she wanted to help me. I am back to 90% whole because of her work and efforts. Thanks very much!

-Jackie (mom of 2)

Dr. Lindsay looks after our entire family, keeping us in good health year round and also when we need a little extra. She is amazing with the kids, she taught both my kids who have asthma to do proper diaphragm breathing with a stuffed animal on their chest!

-Emily (mom of 2)

Dr. Lindsay is continually learning and sharing her knowledge. Anything related to abs and babies I refer people to her. She genuinely cares about the people she works with and helps them reach health goals with the education she provides.

-Pam (holistic nutritionist, mom of 2)

We love Dr. Lindsay … It took me some time to become a believer but now that I do consist chiro care I feel much better and look forward to the visit. I now have my kids adjusted and really trust and value her opinion and on back health and so much more. Thanks 🙂

-Nita (mom of 2)

I began taking our infant daughter in for chiropractic care a few weeks after she was born. Dr. Lindsay taught me what to be on the lookout for as baby grows, and was so gentle with some of adjustments that baby hardly noticed. Dr. Lindsay knows how to sooth babies and adapt for their temperament and mood. Her office is also very child-friendly so I always feel comfortable and welcome coming in with baby.

-Rebecca (mom of 1)

I started seeing Dr. Lindsay when I was a few months pregnant and continue to see her post-partum. I’d seen another chiropractor previously but didn’t feel like we were making progress. Dr. Lindsay not only worked with my scoliosis but taught me about how to adapt to the changes in my posture and prepare me for delivery which was very helpful so I was happy that I could see her on a regular basis. I hadn’t anticipated how impacted my body would be after having a baby but Dr. Lindsay helped me understand what exercises and treatment would help with recovery.

-Heidi (mom of 4)

Dr. Lindsay is not only amazing, she is life-changing!

-Shelia (mom of 3)