Mission, Vision and Purpose Statements

My Mission

It is my mission to educate and empower patients to regain and reignite belief in their bodies through lifetime chiropractic care. We are born to be healthy, not sick. We all have within us the innate ability to heal. Through chiropractic, we are able to live a life of health and vitality.

My Vision

It is my vision to inspire a society of women who can be and do anything. To empower women and their families to reconnect with their life’s vitality and thrive each and every day.

My Purpose

I aspire to serve everyone with love, compassion, respect and exceptional care.

To fulfill this mission I am committed to:

Vitalism: There is a universal intelligence to life that gives us order and connects us to everything.

Integrity: I say what I mean and I do what I say. I will never over state the gravity of your situation nor will I not underestimate the frequency and type of care that will most effectively allow you to reach your goals.

Compassion: I respect where you are coming from and take the time to listen and understand your needs and provide support to find solutions.

Passion: I believe in what I do, love what I do and love the people I serve.

Professionalism: I carry myself with tact and poise while remaining focused on my purpose.

Commitment: I am here for you, committed to your health. Chiropractic plays an integral role in your health. When needed, I will call in my team of experts who will show you that same commitment.

Excellence: I strive for constant, never-ending improvement. I promise to make every effort to remain on the forefront of research, technology, and procedure. For this reason, the service you received today may not be the same service you receive tomorrow.

Leadership: I lead by example and strive to always positively change those I encounter.

Community: We create an environment of support and community within the office that is energizing, respectful and effective. We are here for one and other.

Authenticity: Who I am in public is who I am in private.

Responsibility: I take full ownership of my successes and failures. This is my life and I am in control of it. We encourage our practice members to do the same. You will be provided with the expertise and the tools to take care of yourself and empower you to make decisions about your own health.

Simplicity: Less is more. You will be provided with simple tools and strategies that will support vitalism.